Lucas Porter
Full Name Lucas Porter
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2001
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family N/A
Relationships N/A
Job Student
School(s) Newburgh Free Academy
First Episode The Next Four Years (1)
Last Episode N/A
Episode Count  ?
Portrayed By Jordan Fisher

Lucas Porter is a Class of 2020 student in Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, New York. As of Season 1, He is a main character and main protagonist of Newburgh. He is portrayed as a slightly nerdy, yet adorable teenager with a flirtatious and romantic attitude. He is also a member of the underclassman football team.

Lucas is good friends with Derek, John and Lawrence. He has no other significant friends, but as a member of the football team, he is very popular.

She is portrayed by Dove Cameron.

Character HistoryEdit

Season OneEdit

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